24/7 Support. We offer a variety of maintenance agreement that cater to each customer's needs. Not only do we offer diverse packages of service and maintenance agreement, but we also tailor to each customer's needs by developing on demand customised agreement.

Gen Set Repair

We offer variety of innovative and cost effective solutions from a normal service up to major overhauling including replacement of all the defected parts, repairing of pumps, cleaning of engine heads and radiators, and using genuine spare parts to ensure long term reliable operations.

On Call Service

Our on-call service is supported 24 hours per day by a team of highly skilled service Technicians and Technical Managers with a comprehensive electrical and mechanical knowledge of power generation failures and repairs.


As a direct result of demand from our clients we also provide electrical consultation services. These dedicated teams of electrical consultants can provide advice, guidance and planning for your clients electrical and lighting requirements at the initial planning stages.